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CELINE jeans

Sale price€215,20 Regular price€269,00

Wrapped Sandal Entirely in Denim-Effect Leather with a Rhinestone Band

Sole in Genuine Leather

100% Artisan Made in Italy

Each Fiorina shoe springs from an idea, a dream, an inspiration. It is then crafted entirely by hand with extreme care and attention by our expert artisans, in the traditional manner of the past. The production process unfolds entirely in Italy, encompassing all its phases: design, cutting, hemming, wrapping, and assembly.
Our constant search in Tuscany for the finest leathers, the most innovative materials, and the trendiest colors is blended with the intricate technique of Italian craftsmanship, giving life to genuine masterpieces of artisanal work.

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CELINE jeans
CELINE jeans Sale price€215,20 Regular price€269,00